Before the Relocation

Any corporate relocation begins well before the day of the move.

For each global relocation we carry out, we’ll assign a named account manager to the assignee and the company redeploying them.

The account manager will advise on and assist with everything that needs to be considered or arranged before the move, to ensure your employees are free to focus on their work and family.

Our pre-relocation services include the following:

Home search
Our partner agents are experts in their local markets. They can save you valuable time and effort by helping you to find a suitable home for your needs. Our experts will narrow down the options and then assist with every stage of the negotiations, to ensure that finding your new home is a pleasant and stress-free process.
Temporary housing
If your move is temporary or it’s going to be some time before the rest of your family join you, we will help you to find temporary housing, making all the necessary arrangements to secure a lease and provide the furniture and fixtures that you need.
Pets assistance
If you have pets you want to relocate with you, we’ll cover all the details such as quarantine and innoculations, before making the necessary arrangements for your pets to join you in your new country as quickly as possible.
School & childcare assistance
If you have children, we’ll help you to understand the local options for education and childcare, before supporting you through the process of applying for places.
Destination Orientation
We’ll provide a comprehensive and easy-to-understand overview of the destination, to help you get to know where you’re going before you get there.

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