Questions about International Relocation

How much does a corporate relocation cost?

The cost of a corporate relocation will vary according to many factors, including the size of the household to be relocated, the specific services required, the amount of goods to be shipped, and the destination country. Our dedicated account managers will always work with you to put together a detailed plan which itemises all your requirements, and from this we will be able to present you with a firm cost.

What should we do about medical issues?

Before your international relocation you should:

  • - Obtain your family’s medical and dental records, and notify your GP that you’re leaving the country
  • - Follow Premier’s advice about any vaccination requirements
What should we do about passport and immigration issues?

Before your international relocation you should:

  • - Check all your family members’ passports are valid
  • - Follow Premier’s advice on visas and other immigration requirements
What should I do about my state pension and other benefits?

If you are a UK National, you should inform the pension service part of the Department of Work Pensions (DWP) before your departure. You can telephone or write to:

The International Pension Centre (IPC)

Tyneview Park, Newcastle-upon-Tyne NE98 1BA

Tel: 0191 218 7777 | Fax: 0191 218 7293

Get advice regarding social security payments, as your return to the UK affects future pension and medical benefits.

What should I do about financial issues?

Before your international relocation you should:

  • - Notify your bank of your move (if you are a UK National with a deposit account, interest earned in your absence should be free of UK Tax)
  • - Make arrangements to open bank and credit card accounts at your destination
  • - request bank and credit references for use overseas
  • - advise any life insurance companies of your intentions and arrange continued payment of premiums if required (generally net of tax)
  • - locate marriage and birth certificates.
What about schools?

Notify your children’s school and arrange for school records to be forwarded to the new school.

What about our pets?

Premier will advise on regulations and help organise the transportation of pets.

Can I transport firearms?

Please advise Premier well in advance of the move if you wish to transport shotguns or firearms to your new location. Current security regulations throughout the world require that shotguns and firearms are transported separately from your household goods and personal effects. We can make arrangements for this, provided we are informed of your requirements.

What about food and alcohol?

Dispose of alcohol, if at all possible, as this can cause problems at customs overseas. Please advise Premier if you do intend to ship alcohol. Begin reducing your supply of frozen food.

What about personal effects and clothing?

You should put any personal items that you will carry with you to one side. These should include the following:

  • - passports
  • - important documents
  • - work permits
  • - purchase invoices for new or valuable items
  • - jewellery
  • - money
  • - airline tickets
  • - toys

Make sure you have enough clothes to keep you going until your airfreight or sea freight shipment arrives – this could be around two weeks.

Do I need to check my travel details?

Yes. Re-confirm air tickets and flight details at least 48 hours before departure.

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