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Many Cobham removals firms offer a full packing service as part of their relocation provisions. Whether you choose to hire your Cobham removals company to pack your belongings for you, or you prefer to do it yourself, one of the most important things you need to do is label your goods. This helps to ensure everything gets sent to the right place and minimises confusion.

Your Cobham removals firm may be able to provide you with labels. Here are some of the ways you could think about labelling your belongings:

  • “do not pack”: if there’s anything you want to move yourself or that you need to keep handy, be sure to label it clearly. If you don’t, you could find that something vital gets packed and you don’t see it again until you get to your destination
  • room name: by putting labels that say, for example, “lounge”, “kitchen” and so on on your boxes, you’ll help your Cobham movers to put everything in the right room at your destination
  • “storage”: if any of your belongings are going to storage, rather than your new home, label these clearly so your Cobham removals firm will know they need to be packed separately
  • what’s in the box: when your Cobham removals men have packed up a box, it can be a good idea to write what’s in it, eg “pots and pans” or “books”. This will help you find things more easily and prioritise your unpacking at the other end.
  • “air” or “sea”: if you’re relocating internationally and your belongings are travelling via different means, be sure to mark this clearly so the right items are packed in the right places by your Cobham removals firm.

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