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One of the most valued services that many Guildford removals firms offer is packing your belongings before they are moved. This can save you a great deal of time and stress, as it means you don’t need to worry about packing up all your belongings – everything is boxed up for you.

The actual services involved in packing will vary from company to company, and will of course depend on your specific requirements. However, you could potentially expect a Guildford removals firm’s packing service to include the following:

  • a packing crew: they will normally come to your house one or two days before the actual move to carry out the packing work. How long it will take them will depend on how much there is to pack.
  •  packing materials: many Guildford removals firms will supply packing materials as part of the service – this could include boxes, protective wrappings, tape and more.
  • crates: some objects and belongings aren’t suitable for packing in standard boxes, perhaps because they’re heavy or have an unusual shape. If you’ve got anything like this, your Guildford removals firm should identify it in the pre-move survey and order suitable crates.
  • export packing: if you’re relocating overseas, then your Guildford removals company’s packing service should ensure everything is packed and recorded appropriately for your destination country.

Want to find a Guildford removals company?

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