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A major problem many home owners face when relocating is how to ensure their Kingswood removals firm can get suitable access to their property on moving day. For example, if you live in a house that doesn’t have a driveway and there is free parking on the street, it will be difficult to be sure that a removal van can definitely park where it needs to go on moving day.

Making sure your Kingswood removals firm can access your home

It’s usually up to you to make sure there’s suitable access for your Kingswood removals firm’s vehicle at your existing home and your new property. If your relocation is delayed because your Kingswood removals firm can’t park, then it’s likely to cost you more. However, if you think this might be a problem, it’s a really good idea to let your removals firm know in advance – they may be able to help you take steps to ensure they get the access they need.

Here are some tips to help you avoid the possibility of access issues:

  • speak to your neighbours before moving day – ask them if they wouldn’t mind parking their cars a little further away for that day, so you can get access
  • speak to your council – they might be able to arrange for you to have cones or temporary parking restrictions, although there may be a cost to this
  • speak to your Kingswood removals firm – they might be able to suggest a solution or come up with alternative access arrangements.

Want to find a Kingswood removals company?

At Premier Relocation, we’re expert Kingswood movers and relocation professionals. We can carry out all of these services and more, so contact us today to see how we can help you.

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