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When you’re relocating to a new home, some of the most difficult items to move can be appliances such as washing machines, cookers, fridges and so on. Not only are these items normally very heavy, but because they have moving parts, they risk being damaged during the move.

Trust your Oxshott removals firm

Most Oxshott removals firms are skilled and experienced in moving applications as part of their relocation services, so if you hire professionals, this should give you peace of mind that they will be moved safely and securely. You should make sure you talk to your Oxshott removals specialist about any steps they need you to take to help make sure your appliances can be transported appropriately before the move. These could include things like the following:

  • Finding the drum securing bolts or bar for your washing machine – this will mean the drum can be secured ready to move
  • Getting out the operator manuals for all your appliances – this will help your Oxshott removals firm to make sure they’re moving and securing the appliances appropriately
  • Checking if your Oxshott removals firm would prefer you to remove trays, racks and compartments from your oven or freezer

While your Oxshott removals firm will normally be able to help you with all this, the onus is normally on you to tell them what has or hasn’t been done, so they will know what else they need to do to move your appliances safely.

Want to find a Oxshott removals company?

At Premier Relocation, we’re expert Oxshott movers and relocation professionals. We can carry out all of these services and more, so contact us today to see how we can help you.

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