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If you’re relocating overseas or are downsizing to a smaller property, the chances are you’ll need to put some of your belongings in storage for a while. It can be difficult to know where to start organising this, but a good Virginia Water removals firm should be able to help. Good Virginia Water removals companies should either be able to recommend a good storage unit or even arrange this for you.

This is some of what you can expect when you arrange to put your belongings into storage:

  • Your belongings will be loaded into wooden boxes which are moved around using a forklift. Normally they’re loaded and sealed at your home by your Virginia Water removals firm, then not opened again until you need to access your belongings.
  • If you have items that are too large to fit into standard sized containers, your Virginia Water removals company will normally advise you about this and explain how they will be stored separately.
  • You’ll need to label your belongings so that your Virginia Water removals team knows which items to pack for storage and which items are going straight to your new home.
  • All your containers will be stored in a warehouse storage facility – be sure to check that this is dry, fire-safe, secure, insured and easily accessible to you.

Want to find a Virginia Water removals company?

At Premier Relocation, we’re expert Virginia Water movers and relocation professionals. We can carry out all of these services and more, so contact us today to see how we can help you.

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