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Moving large kitchen appliances, such as a fridge freezer, can be one of the most difficult aspects of a move into or out of the Whiteleafe area. Fortunately, a good Whiteleafe removals firm will be able to do most of the heavy lifting work for you. However, there are several things you should do in advance to make sure the process of moving your fridge freezer runs as smoothly as possible on moving day.

Here is what you should do to make sure your Whiteleafe removals company can move your fridge freezer easily and safely:

  • try to eat up everything in your fridge freezer in the weeks before you move, so you don’t have lots of chilled and frozen food to deal with on moving day
  • defrost the freezer before moving day
  • once the freezer is defrosted, clean and replace all the drawers
  • if your fridge freezer has glass shelves, remove them and transport them separately
  • leave the doors open until the fridge freezer is actually loaded up, to reduce the risk of mould growing
  • make sure the doors are taped shut using masking tape and ask your Whiteleafe removals company to wrap the fridge freezer in a moving blanket to make sure it doesn’t scratch

When your Whiteleafe removals firm have brought the fridge freezer into your new property, be sure to leave it to stand for a while before you switch it back on. This will allow the liquid inside its mechanisms to settle back down and reduce the risk of it malfunctioning.

Want to find a Whiteleafe removals company?

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