Settling in

Seamless transition

After a safe and smooth arrival in country, your staff member’s next concern will be for ensuring the wellbeing of their family. Meanwhile, you’ll want to ensure that they settle into their new working environment as quickly and easily as possible.

At Premier Relocation, our dedicated and expert staff remain on-hand at all times in the days, weeks and months following any global relocation, to ensure a seamless transition for everyone.


We’ll provide a comprehensive and easy-to-understand overview of the destination, which could include face-to-face sessions, a comprehensive welcome pack, local tours, and anything else your employee and their family require.

Banking advice and assistance

Ensuring your employees and their families can open local bank accounts quickly and efficiently.

Language lessons

If your assignee doesn’t speak the language of their new country, we’ll arrange a full programme of language lessons for them and their family. This could include spending social time with native speakers and immersion in cultural activities.

Partner employment assistance

If your assignee’s partner or spouse wants to find work in the new country, we’ll provide all assistance to make that happen, whether that’s setting up meetings with recruitment agents or sorting out the necessary paperwork and work permits.

Health and medical advice

Navigating the health system of an unfamiliar country can be daunting, but our in-country experts can help. They will help your employees to register with doctors and advise on the procedures for accessing and paying for medical care.

Driving advice

We’ll ensure your assignee’s driving licence allows them to drive in their new country. If they’re required to take further training or undergo assessment, we can also make this happen. Not only does this service improve your employee’s confidence in driving on unfamiliar roads, but it ensures your business is investing in keeping your people and their families safe.

Concierge services

Whether your staff member is looking for a sports club to join, a restaurant to eat at, or a recommended day out for the family, our concierge service will provide an efficient and knowledgeable service to meet all these needs.


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